Re: Michael Brown Case

Police Officer Darren Wilson will not have to stand trail for the death of Michael Brown. A Missouri Grand Jury having listened to testimony and examined evidence, believed Officer Wilson acted in the scope of his sworn duty to uphold the law when he shot and killed Michael Brown. If the decision infuriates you than you need to re-examine your expectations. The criminal justice system in the United States is designed to prosecute offenders on a case by case basis. The idea that the “Michael Brown Case” was bigger than Michael Brown may carry sentimental weight but it doesn’t help America deal with the prevailing problem that people of color are Policed and punished differently than their white counterparts. Police Officer Darren Wilson is not responsible for the deaths of every person of color killed, brutalized, wrongfully detained or harassed by police. If so than Michael Browns family and the village of Ferguson Missouri where he grew up should be equally as responsible for failing to teach a younger Michael Brown that stealing and fighting with Police is bad.
The attitude and fundamental Policing Policies throughout the United States need to be overhauled. In major cities such as New York we need to look no further than our elected officials who ride a campaign of “tough on crime” and instead demand fair and equal justice.

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Brooklyn DA’s office

Brooklyn Da’s office has decided it will not prosecute low-level marijuana arrest. Although I believe marijuana should be legalized nationwide and especially in NYC where we need it the most. I think its a bad idea. I remember when I was a rookie Police Officer the Desk Sergeant would throw you right out of the precinct if you brought in a marijuana arrest, but that was because there was real crime going on outside. Police Officer could walk outside there commands and grab a robber or a burglar. Say what you want about Bill Bratton and his “broken windows” principals there was an immediate decline in crime. Whatever you believe was the reason for the drop in crime in the early 90’s, end of the crack era etc. the fact still remains that New York has changed quite a bit from the way it was in the 1970 & 80’s. Recent transplants weren’t here and natives under 35 wouldn’t remember but New York was a dangerous place to walk around in at night and there were certain neighborhoods that you just wouldn’t dare go into if you knew what was good for you.

I lived in that New York. its nostalgic to look back and tell transplants and young natives what it was like to grow up “back in the day” but I wouldn’t want to live like that again.

It’s very easy to get comfortable and prance around giddily in our bubbles but until marijuana is legalized (which I am hoping is sooner than later). i think the NYC Police department should have a good working relationship with the Borough District Attorneys office.


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Re: Hansom Cabs

Before NYC puts another group of people out of work. Why don’t they hire two veterinarians to do field examinations. A simple saliva strip can immediately tell you if the horse is dehydrated or malnourished. A day light visual examination can tell you if the horse is being physically abused. If the horse does not pass the field examination, it is put out of service and the owner fined. Guess who pays the annual salaries of the city vets (drum roll please) you guessed it, the hansom cab owners. Because I don’t trust our new beady eyed mayor or his motives. 


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On Retirement


For 10 years, I investigated Assaults, Robberies and Burglaries,

Now that I’m retired my biggest caper, is who left a wet towel on the doorknob again.

I don’t even have a partner anymore, so I have to play the good cop and the bad cop in my interrogations.

Me (good cop) – So where were you on of Feb. 18th , 2014?

My Daughter- I don’t have time to play daddy, I’m late for dance.

Me (bad cop)- Sit your ass down and answer the damn question!

My Wife (yelling from downstairs) LET’S GO Sophia!!!

Me- (Good Cop holds back Bad Cop) So you lawyered up, huh!

(as my daughter runs down the stairs) I’m waiting on the DNA results and then your mine, you hear ME!!!!






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“The Knockout Game”


The knockout game is nothing new folks. I investigated and made arrest on Robbery patterns involving different versions of the “knockout game” as far back as 2002. Similar to this most recent wave of violence most of my victims where Caucasian as well. I still don’t think that “race” is at this potentially deadly games motivational core. I think White people get robbed more often for two reasons. First, is that Black and Hispanic perpetrators feel that White people have more stuff worth stealing, and the second reason is because a lot white people suffer from “white guilt” which makes them horrible witnesses.

The following scenario has happened to me often. I’ll play the Detective in this scene.

Interior: Police Precinct Detective Squad- Night

(White victim sits in from of a police computer looking at mug shots, while holding an ice pack to their concussed bleeding head).

Me- Your all set up. Just click on the arrow when your ready to view the next page. I will be sitting at my desk. If you see the person that did this to you, just let me know.

White Victim- Can I ask you Detective, whats will happen to this guy if you catch him? Is he going to go to jail?

Me- Yes he will go to jail and hopefully to prison for a long time.

White Victim- Detective, I know you have to do your job, but, I’m not sure if I want him to go to jail.

Me- Ok, hows about if I catch him. I can bring him over to you and make him apologize, and I’ll make him promise that he will never do anything like this ever again and then maybe you guys can even grab a cup of coffee, and you can explain to him how horrible he made you feel?

White Victim- Really, is that possible?

Me- NO! That’s not possible! You fucking idiot! IM THE POLICE! This isn’t grade school! Someone just punched you in the face, stole your shit and left you for dead and now you want to let them get away with it, so they can do this to someone else.

This is no joke White people. If you want to stop being “victims” stop being vulnerable, pay attention to where you walk and who’s around you. If the hair on the back of your neck stands up, it’s doing that for a reason, that’s your body telling you it senses fear, run! And more than anything else, man/women up, stop letting perpetrators continue to run free because your conscious might get to you.

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On being a lefty

Years ago, parents used to force there naturally left handed off spring, to learn how to write with their right hand. In order to be “proper” . The result was many children with learning disabilities. When my son was little. I tried my hardest to make him a lefty. I wanted him to be a pitcher. It was wrong, I know. I just wanted to hear. “With the first pick in the 2015 draft. The NY Mets select a retarded kid from Flushing that throw 98 mph”.
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Party Exodus

Have you ever been to a club/party that was so crowded, the bouncer has you wait for some one to leave before you can get In? I went to a party that was the opposite. Their were only four people at this party. I didn’t want to leave because I felt bad. So I did the right thing and waited until a new person came. As I was making my break for it. Another “reveler”, said “I’m going out for a smoke”, and I said “oh, no you don’t! I’m next buddy”. A stare down ensued, like before a prize fight. I didn’t back down and I won! For the record I was ready to ” Fight, for my Right, to, Not Party”,

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