“The Knockout Game”


The knockout game is nothing new folks. I investigated and made arrest on Robbery patterns involving different versions of the “knockout game” as far back as 2002. Similar to this most recent wave of violence most of my victims where Caucasian as well. I still don’t think that “race” is at this potentially deadly games motivational core. I think White people get robbed more often for two reasons. First, is that Black and Hispanic perpetrators feel that White people have more stuff worth stealing, and the second reason is because a lot white people suffer from “white guilt” which makes them horrible witnesses.

The following scenario has happened to me often. I’ll play the Detective in this scene.

Interior: Police Precinct Detective Squad- Night

(White victim sits in from of a police computer looking at mug shots, while holding an ice pack to their concussed bleeding head).

Me- Your all set up. Just click on the arrow when your ready to view the next page. I will be sitting at my desk. If you see the person that did this to you, just let me know.

White Victim- Can I ask you Detective, whats will happen to this guy if you catch him? Is he going to go to jail?

Me- Yes he will go to jail and hopefully to prison for a long time.

White Victim- Detective, I know you have to do your job, but, I’m not sure if I want him to go to jail.

Me- Ok, hows about if I catch him. I can bring him over to you and make him apologize, and I’ll make him promise that he will never do anything like this ever again and then maybe you guys can even grab a cup of coffee, and you can explain to him how horrible he made you feel?

White Victim- Really, is that possible?

Me- NO! That’s not possible! You fucking idiot! IM THE POLICE! This isn’t grade school! Someone just punched you in the face, stole your shit and left you for dead and now you want to let them get away with it, so they can do this to someone else.

This is no joke White people. If you want to stop being “victims” stop being vulnerable, pay attention to where you walk and who’s around you. If the hair on the back of your neck stands up, it’s doing that for a reason, that’s your body telling you it senses fear, run! And more than anything else, man/women up, stop letting perpetrators continue to run free because your conscious might get to you.


About markdemayo

Im a retired NYC Police Officer, a Comedian, writer and actor and I reside in NYC
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