On Retirement


For 10 years, I investigated Assaults, Robberies and Burglaries,

Now that I’m retired my biggest caper, is who left a wet towel on the doorknob again.

I don’t even have a partner anymore, so I have to play the good cop and the bad cop in my interrogations.

Me (good cop) – So where were you on of Feb. 18th , 2014?

My Daughter- I don’t have time to play daddy, I’m late for dance.

Me (bad cop)- Sit your ass down and answer the damn question!

My Wife (yelling from downstairs) LET’S GO Sophia!!!

Me- (Good Cop holds back Bad Cop) So you lawyered up, huh!

(as my daughter runs down the stairs) I’m waiting on the DNA results and then your mine, you hear ME!!!!







About markdemayo

Im a retired NYC Police Officer, a Comedian, writer and actor and I reside in NYC
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