Brooklyn DA’s office

Brooklyn Da’s office has decided it will not prosecute low-level marijuana arrest. Although I believe marijuana should be legalized nationwide and especially in NYC where we need it the most. I think its a bad idea. I remember when I was a rookie Police Officer the Desk Sergeant would throw you right out of the precinct if you brought in a marijuana arrest, but that was because there was real crime going on outside. Police Officer could walk outside there commands and grab a robber or a burglar. Say what you want about Bill Bratton and his “broken windows” principals there was an immediate decline in crime. Whatever you believe was the reason for the drop in crime in the early 90’s, end of the crack era etc. the fact still remains that New York has changed quite a bit from the way it was in the 1970 & 80’s. Recent transplants weren’t here and natives under 35 wouldn’t remember but New York was a dangerous place to walk around in at night and there were certain neighborhoods that you just wouldn’t dare go into if you knew what was good for you.

I lived in that New York. its nostalgic to look back and tell transplants and young natives what it was like to grow up “back in the day” but I wouldn’t want to live like that again.

It’s very easy to get comfortable and prance around giddily in our bubbles but until marijuana is legalized (which I am hoping is sooner than later). i think the NYC Police department should have a good working relationship with the Borough District Attorneys office.



About markdemayo

Im a retired NYC Police Officer, a Comedian, writer and actor and I reside in NYC
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