Re: Michael Brown Case

Police Officer Darren Wilson will not have to stand trail for the death of Michael Brown. A Missouri Grand Jury having listened to testimony and examined evidence, believed Officer Wilson acted in the scope of his sworn duty to uphold the law when he shot and killed Michael Brown. If the decision infuriates you than you need to re-examine your expectations. The criminal justice system in the United States is designed to prosecute offenders on a case by case basis. The idea that the “Michael Brown Case” was bigger than Michael Brown may carry sentimental weight but it doesn’t help America deal with the prevailing problem that people of color are Policed and punished differently than their white counterparts. Police Officer Darren Wilson is not responsible for the deaths of every person of color killed, brutalized, wrongfully detained or harassed by police. If so than Michael Browns family and the village of Ferguson Missouri where he grew up should be equally as responsible for failing to teach a younger Michael Brown that stealing and fighting with Police is bad.
The attitude and fundamental Policing Policies throughout the United States need to be overhauled. In major cities such as New York we need to look no further than our elected officials who ride a campaign of “tough on crime” and instead demand fair and equal justice.


About markdemayo

Im a retired NYC Police Officer, a Comedian, writer and actor and I reside in NYC
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